Is It Worth Getting a Car Detailed?

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The short answer is yes, you should get your car detailed. Detailing your vehicle comes with a lot of benefits. However, detailing your car may seem like an overpriced car wash to those unfamiliar with it. It is why some car owners ask the question, 'Is detailing a car worth the money?' The answer is yes, and this simple guide shows why. Here is what you need to know about detailing services, how car detailing can make a difference for your car, and how you can work with the highest quality cleaners at Dawson Auto Detailing today.

What Is Car Detailing?

Professional car detailing is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Car detailing services are much more precise and labor-intensive than getting a car wash. A car wash is normally an automated system that a car passes through to clean the exterior. Professional auto detailing is always done by hand, and includes exterior and interior car detailing services.

What Car Detailing Services are Included in Professional Car Detailing?

Auto detailing is a multi-stage process which touches every nook and cranny of your vehicle, both inside and out. Here are common car detailing services that Dawson Auto Detailing include:

  1. Interior Car Cleaning
    • Vacuuming and wiping down all surfaces — the seats, headliners, dash, floor, trunk and even the glove compartment – removing all dirt and contaminants and interior dress.
    • Shampoo, stain removal, salt removal steam cleaning, and leather conditioner, as needed.
    • Washing and polishing any glass; such as all windows, mirrors and clear plastics.
    • Perfuming – spray a deodorant into the interior of a car to leave the car smelling clean and new.
  2. Exterior Car Cleaning
    • Exterior wash and dry – This washing and drying process is done by hand. The detailer will spray and wipe down the body of the car with specialized products. This includes hand washing the rims, door handles, and glass.
    • Paint Claying - A clay bar is used to remove any contaminants, over spray, or residue left after the car has been washed. Claying results in a cleaner and smoother surface, and helps increase the effectiveness of polish and wax.
    • Polishing – Polishing buffs an abrasive compound onto the car’s paint to remove small layers of clear coat. This makes small scratches and swirls in the paint disappear.
    • Sealing or Waxing – To give the car a glossy shine and to add a protective layer to the car’s paint, a sealant is applied. In some cases, wax can be used.

Other exterior services that can be added include trim repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, engine pressure cleaning, bumper repair, glass chip repair and paint touch up.

Additional Car Detailing Services

Here at Dawson Auto Detailing we offer additional services to the ones described above. These services include:

  • Paint correction – This is a process that takes away flaws on the top layer of a car’s paintwork like dull paint or oxidation. We use dual action and a rotary machine polisher to provide the best paint correction.
  • Ceramic coating - Ceramic coatings are a permanent or semi-permanent solution that protects car paint from external damage A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with your car’s paint surface, which acts as a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface. Water and other debris will have a harder time sticking to your car’s exterior. Ceramic coatings will allow your car to stay cleaner for longer, and make it easier to clean when you do need to head to the car wash.